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stand up pouches bags
Box pouch with zipper
coffee Bags
Shapped Bags
Stand up pouch with spout
Rollstock Film
Food Packaging bags
Frozen Bags
Matte and Glossy Printing Mix
Pet Food Bags
Stock Plain Bags
tea packaging
Vacuum Bags
ZJP is a high quality printers of high
quality plastic packaging and flexible
packaging in mainland china with 20
Our reputation has been built on
outstanding Customer Service &
Product Quality. ZJP offer range
of flexible packages including doypacks,
resealable pouches,stand up pouches
with zipper, coffee bags with valve,
vaccum pouches, laminated films.ZJP
manufacture plastic packages for Food &
Beverage,Medicine, Electronics,
Detergent, Seeds. Now 80% Our
Products Exports To Europe andNorth
ZJP are experts at helping you achieve the package image you desire for your product. We know how to get the
look you want and how to help your product compete at retail. We also know how to select the best materials
to ensurethat your packaging performs on your production lines, during shipping,at retail,and after the consumer
takes it home.We look forward to welcoming you as a new customer.
For over 20 years, we have been pioneering the flexible packaging industry in mainland China. We located in
famous town famous for ??China Printing City?? We specialized in Designing, manufacturing plastic packaging
with 6 high speed gravure printing machines, 8 dry speedy laminating machines,and 20 sets bag machines.
We have more than 300 employees and 30 technician and developing persons.We are exporting to North America,
Europe and South America with resealable pouches, spouted pouches,stand up pouches, valve pouch,shapped
pouches,laminated films for food & Beverage,Medicine,Electronics, Cigars, Detergent, Seeds.....more
coffee bag,stand up and zipper pouch,food packaging,Auto terminal,Automobile connector,frozen bag,in china from china power tansformer,Tile cutters,truck radiator
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